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Dance Classes

What To Do When Your Child Doesn't Want to Go To Dance Classes

Dance classes are a great way for youngsters to stay active, stay involved in the community, and make important connections. For older kids who are college bound, dance classes make a nice addition to their applications. However, there are times when your youngster might temporarily lose interest in dance. What can you do when your child becomes resistant to a once-loved pursuit?

  • Talk about it. Start by asking what made them change their mind. If the issue involves problems with peers, social anxiety, or other issues related to self-confidence, use the opportunity to help them grow emotionally rather than give up on their dance classes.

  • Sit in. Go to one of the classes as an observer. You might find some clues as to why your child suddenly lost their passion. Work with the instructor to try to resolve the issue.

  • Change it up. Little ones with short attention spans get bored easily or the style of dance you've chosen may not be a good fit for their personality. Choose a different style of dance. Something new could restore your child's interest.

At Beau Monde Ballroom, we offer group dance classes for all ages and skill levels. Come to our Burlington, MA studio for more information on dance classes for your young ones.

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