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Piano Lessons

With a dedicated and soundproofed room housing our baby grand piano, our studio is a fantastic place to learn piano. 

Crafted in the 1920s, our renovated baby grand piano still contains its original ivory keys. 

Whether you're learning piano yourself as an adult or looking for a place for your child to learn, we believe we can foster the ideal learning environment for our students to flourish. 

Our Piano Instructor


Charisse Nocera started playing the piano at eight years old, studying under Alex Foaksman, the principal pianist at the Boston Ballet. She entered the Crescendo International Competition, an audition to play at Carnegie Hall and placed second from 2011-2013 and first in 2014. Charisse received a scholarship for UMass Lowell to study music, where she received her bachelor's degree in piano performance. During her time in university, Charisse received the Joan K Rossi scholarship every year, and upon graduation, was the recipient of the music department award for performance. She played with Grammy Award winner Melissa Manchester, who personally asked for Charisse to open for her grand concert tour.

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