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Group Classes 

We offer a wide range of group classes, including Yoga, Belly Dancing, and LaBlast. Drop in for any class or join our Lifestyle Membership for unlimited monthly access. 

Group Lessons are ideal for refining the techniques and dance figures learned in your Private Lessons. These classes are an excellent opportunity to expand upon concepts in a familiar and comfortable environment alongside several other friendly and passionate ballroom dancers -- including our esteemed staff members, who will be able to demonstrate steps, guide your leaning, and answer any brief questions you might have about a certain dance. We offer group lessons at all levels, and no partner is necessary!

Classes We Offer

Smooth & Standard Technique

Wednesdays 6:45-7:30

This class covers the technique and body mechanics of Standard and Smooth required for competitive dancing. It is an excellent supplement for students to practice their mechanics without a partner. The class is also a great stepping stone for students who have completed the Beginner Social Dance class and have a good understanding of basic Standard and Smooth Figures.

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